AT-MCPWR-60 Universal Power Supply for AT-MC,AT-GS and AT-FS Media Converter Families

Artikelnummer AT-MCPWR-60#OB
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AT-MCPWR-60 universal Netzteil


Kompatibel mit folgenden Modellen:



Dimensions 7.7cm x 4.65cm x 3.7cm* (3.1in x 1.83in x 1.46in) * without plug adapters
Line regulation 2% maximum
Hold up time 10ms min at 110V AC full load
Turn on time 2s max at 110V AC full load
Input voltage range 100V AC to 240V AC
Input frequency range  47Hz to 63Hz
Input power consumption at no-load  0.3W max
Input in-rush current 50A max
Input current  0.35A max
Output voltage +12V 
Output regulation  11.4V-12.6V
Output load range  0-1.0A